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Silk Dreams

Silk Dreams is one of my older pieces but arguably one of my most popular. Often, people hang art in their living room or dining room but the bedroom becomes neglected. But Silk Dreams was a bedroom staple. The image of a woman lounging on silky sheets, with the use of he muted tones of the sheets I was able to create a sense of relaxation and allure. Both emotions are exactly what you want for your bedroom. Although the image itself is simple, a lot of work went into painting every crease and little shadow to give you that silky effect. I painted this in the early nineties and even today I still have customers asking for it, or telling me how much they love it.  As an artist, these are the highest compliments, to know all these years later, that my work is still hanging in your home, that you still enjoy my painting, and that it brings you joy.

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