Silk Dreams

Silk Dreams is one of my older pieces but arguably one of my most popular. Often, people hang art in their living room or dining room but the bedroom becomes neglected. But Silk Dreams was a bedroom staple. The image of a woman lounging on silky sheets, with the use of he muted tones of the sheets I was able to create a sense of relaxation and allure. Both emotions are exactly what you want for your bedroom. Although the image itself is simple, a lot of work went into painting every crease and little shadow to give you that silky effect. I painted this in the early nineties and even today I still have customers asking for it, or telling me how much they love it.  As an artist, these are the highest compliments, to know all these years later, that my work is still hanging in your home, that you still enjoy my painting, and that it brings you joy.


Carrington :

Have a funny story for you. A few years back I reconnected with a young lady that I dated briefly in the late nineties.

She invited me to her house in North Carolina while I was there I noticed this painting and she told me that the painting was a painting of her.

She told me when her brother found out that she had posed nude for the painting that he had a fit. We laughed and I took her at her word.

She asked me to haul some things to the dump for her and this painting was included in the items that she wanted me to get rid of for her.

I asked her why was she getting rid of the painting and she said that it upset her brother so much that she did not want to upset him anymore so she was getting rid of it.

I Liked the painting so I never got rid of it; however, I never hung it up. I have a new bedroom set and I thought that the painting would look good over my bed.

After I finish hanging the painting up over my bed I noticed at the bottom of the print that it was named Silk Dreams, has a copyright of 2001 and the artist name is Hulis Mavruk.

After all these years I realize that I have been had.

I hope this makes your day it gave me a good chuckle

Carrington Henderson

Sep 19, 2022

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