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Pollock with a Purpose

Hulis Mavruks pop art is best described as an organized chaos, a Pollack with a purpose. It is a unique style of portrait and abstract combined using the splatter method with bright colors. We break down the step by step process to give you an inside look on how it is made. We'll use the Kobe Bryant piece made in his memory to showcase how Hulis creates the unique style he uses to create his pop art.

Step one is the bare outline. This is a raw drawing of what the central image will look like.



Step two is the shading. Using some color to transform the image from flat to dimensional.


Step three is to add color to the portrait. This creates the image you will see underneath the splatter.

Step four, the final stage. This is when an assortment of colors are splattered around and over the image to create the final product.


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