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Art Decor Tips
Art is to your home, what jewelry is to your outfit. It is the perfect way to accessorize your home and bring the decor to life. Changing out your art seasonally is a fun way to keep things fresh and create a new look without breaking the bank. It is also is a great investment which is always a plus! Pop art is loud and colorful and makes a statement making it the perfect piece for an entry way or or dining room. The floral and blossom collections are a soft and elegant touch to a bedroom. The abstracts work seamlessly is any room of the house. The beauty of Hulis Mavruk’s talent is that he is not limited to one particular style. Hulis has found success in painting an array of different styles, portrait, floral, abstract, pop art, African American art, and the list goes on. Truly, there is something for everyone and for every room!

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