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Children of the World
The world is in turmoil, and as I sat watching the news I was reminded of my children of the world collection, and my inspiration behind the collection. During difficult times it is important to look to children to remind us of the things that matter. Children are born good, loving, accepting, and happy. Somewhere along the way, as adults, we lose that about ourselves. I found pictures of children all over the world, laughing together, taking care of one another,  children of different races, socioeconomic backgrounds, cultures, and beliefs and I found that regardless of these differences it remains true, that children always find a reason to smile, they have the compassion to love and care for one another, and to enjoy the moment. We need to remember that, and nurture our inner child. That was the inspiration for this collection and I found these paintings bring people peace which as an artist is the highest compliment.

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