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Black Lives Matter

A crucial movement not just in our country but all over the world. As an artist, I naturally find beauty in everything I see. As explained in my last blog, before I even moved to the United States I was taught about African American culture, history, and struggles, and experiences from my clients. I was fascinated by the rich culture, beautiful spirituality, and strong familial bonds. I related to these things and found a kinship in our differences. The stories of famous figures, such a Malcolm X and Martin Luther King Jr. were incredible and admirable.

When I came to this country and saw first hand that not all people found the same beauty I did I was shocked. I knew I could use my art to celebrate a world that was so shunned. I came to this country in 1974 and I am sorry to say that not much as changed. Which is why the Black Lives Matter movement is so important. I stand in solidarity with Black Lives. I promise to celebrate you, educate myself and others, and continue to be an ally in any way that I can. Together we have the power to move mountains and make real change.

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